Local Business Case Study

dominate-your-local-marketI wanted to post this for a couple of reasons, firstly because it is going to be a case study of myself helping a local business to get more customers through developing their social media campaigns and referral system, and secondly because I wanted to give them some exposure due to them helping me out of a difficult situation.

I live about 25 miles from my parents, who are getting older, almost in their 90’s, and they are starting to struggle and need some support. I tried to visit every day but with kids and work it was almost impossible. This home care service is able to send a trained carer to their home 4 times per day to help them with their needs. It has been a tremendous help.

In turn, I intent to help them get more business, and post their info here in the hope that this gets them more exposure too.

Why Home Care Remains the Best care Option

Home care or domiciliary care is the help given to people who can longer attend to their own needs. Vulnerable adults, including the young and elderly, can all benefit a lot from our home care. Whether it’s those with failing health resulting from sickness or changing conditions in one’s lifestyle, we have the staff and resources to take good care of them all.  Mostly, our services are offered at your home so as to ensure you or your loved one is attended to well while still engaged in the activities of daily living.

Types of services offered:

  • Personal care
  • Living in care
  • Holiday/Respite care
  • Social companionship
  • Hospital to home care


Offering home care to those in need of it is a choice that not only influences the person involved but also helps you or their loved ones to minimize the costs involved in private home care.

Some of the benefits associated with our home care service include:

Home comforts

When care is offered to a person at their home, it will help them to keep the comforts of their home and also develop a safely recognized environment. Remember, hospitals and a range of other care services can often be noisy, busy and uncomfortable for such a patient. If not diminishing the amount of rest they deserve, they will probably be slowing down the healing process.

Personalised services

With home care, what you pay for is exactly what you receive. Nothing less. You will be assigned a caregiver who will only attend to you and your utmost needs. Better still, all our home care staff are specifically trained, matched and designated to your needs. All of them clearly understand what you need most and are ready to offer it.


A significant aspect of our home care service is the level of independence the patient gets.  Failure to move around or go about other daily activities is one of the major causes of depression today, mostly among the elderly. However, with one of our qualified staff at their service, the patient will be free to go about and thus feel independent which will eventually reduce the risk of depression plus the costs of managing it.


Compared to hospitals and private nursing institutions, home care stands out as very cost effective. In fact, you have access to so many things, including additional support which you still pay for at an affordable rate.  That puts you in a position to create a more satisfying environment and atmosphere as you can put the additional funds to such use.


If there is anything valuable a vulnerable person needs then it’s companionship.  Aside from the usual help, they will offer to the patient, our home care staff will become friends with the patient and in the process make them feel not only happy but so contented with themselves. When someone has somebody exciting to talk to, they will, almost daily, look forward to speaking to them.

Always remember that offering your loved with home care will provide the peace of mind they deserve, save you money and above all, have them receive quality care offered in the safest and friendly environment.  You will have saved the patient from stress, depression and a range of other awful diseases.  Where the lives of the vulnerable concerned, we take pride in knowing that our home care is of immeasurable value to them.

Hopefully this article will help them to get more business, help anyone in the same situation as me, and to give me a case study to work on. Let me know your thoughts and ideas through the contact page.

Also check out some of the ideas in this video below…..