6 Great Ways to Gain Testimonials From Your Customers

6 Great Ways to Gain Testimonials From Your Customers

A testimonials page on your website is one of your most powerful pages. People love reviews, it helps people to understand that you service or product is legitimate and of good quality, and that others are using it and getting results or satisfaction. But how do you go about getting testimonials that are believable to the customer? Here are some websites that you can use to collect reviews, and ideas about how you can ask your customers to leave reviews for you service or product.

1 Reviews on Facebook
For any facebook page that has a business page, there is now a reviews tab. You just need to slide this tab to your visible tabs, then ask fans of your page to leave a review.

2. Recommendations on Linkedin
Linkedin is a very good source for reviews. Unfortunately reviews are not possible on a company profile, only for individuals, which works for owner businesses, lawyers etc.
You can however encourage employees to be active on linkedin, so that any recommendations from customers can be related back or posted to your company account.

3. Videos on Youtube
The only thing better than a text review is a video review. A video from a customer discussing how your service or product helped them or how much they enjoyed it is very powerful. You should ask them to make a video on their account, then share the link with you, so that you can embed on your website, mark as a favourite on your channel and add to your playlist of reviews.

4. Local Search Directories
These are sites like Yelp, City Search, Yahoo local etc, where members are able to add reviews of local businesses to the website. Any good reviews that you aquire here can be added onto your websites own testimonial page also.

So what is the reason for asking your customers to use these types of sites for reviews rather than adding one to your own website. The answer here is Google, who will see the local business with the most reviews, which helps you to rank in the SERPs ( search engine rankings )

You need to check Yelp and the other local directories and claim your listing, then add that to your website so that customers can see your yelp listing and add reviews there.

5 Niche Reviews
Niche review sites can be good for certiain tyes of businesses, for example, Trip Advisor and Travelocity are great for reviews if you are in the travel or hotel types of businesses, where you can give your potential customer a good positeve impression of your business before they make a reservation.

6 Reward Your Reviewers
A great way to encourage customers to review your services is to reward them for doing so. Many times restaurants will run a prize offer on the till receipt for reviews, but remember you can’t ask for positive reviews, just reviews though is fine. Offer incentives to your customers when they leave a review in the form of coupons, discounts and free drinks or additional services. You are only limited by your imagination, but generally, the better the incentive, the more response you will get.

One of the ways we helped a client who approached us for advice on the subject was quite novel but is working well, and could be worth a try in your business too. We were approached online by a plastering service in the UK for advice on how to gain reviews for his type of business, as he was trying to get more local customers. We came up with the idea of taking a laptop, or in his case an amazon fire tablet, to each of his jobs. After finishing and speaking with the satisfied customer, he now asks them to leave a review on the tablet while he finishes his work, and offers to give them a small additional service, such as 30 minutes of free handyman work to take care of any niggling little problems that they may have in the property.

This has enabled him to get a positive from most of his customers, and at the same time to open up his other property repair side of the business to all of his customers, who will now call for their future maintenance problems as well as his plastering service. A true win win situation. (Of course he gets a review for that side of his business too!)amazon fire for reviews

Your Website Testimonials Page
Your website needs to have a review page, which is a compilation of all of your collected reviews. Remember though to credit the site from which the original review came, such as yahoo or yelp.

Negative Reviews
This is the other side of the coin where reviews are concerned. You are not in control regarding whether the review is positive or negative. The general advice here is to always respond to any negative reviews. Put forward your side of the story or the reasons for the problem, the actions you have taken in response, and move forward.

Potential customers can then see that you are a caring business with their best experience at heart, and will think better of you for it. Resulting in a positive result.