Benefits for Local Businesses

Benefits for Local Businesses

Word of mouth use to be the best way to get a review of your business spread throughout the local area. Now, everything is online and local reviews can be vital to having a successful business. Sure there is the obvious, popularity. The more people “talking” virtually, in the form of posts and blogs on social media, about your business, the more interest it will procure and hopefully more people will visit or make a purchase. So let us break down the best benefits for your business when you get local reviews.

thumbs up and down logoLet’s start with the popular Google. When someone Google’s your business’s name, even with Google Map, reviews are prominently displayed.

The review is not just the paragraph explaining their rating, but also the rating itself. This factor will probably catch the person searchings attention and chances are high their curiosity will be piqued and even though they may have been looking for directions to your business, now they will want to know what others opinions are.

Going along with online search engines, they may (some do for sure) be impacted by your business’s reviews. By this we mean, the more popular a business is, chances are that it will be higher up on the search engine results totem pole than badly reviewed, or less reviewed competing businesses. A good review can make your business stand out, which is the ultimate marketing goal, and encourage others to make a purchase (or try your services, whatever it is that you have to offer) with your business. It is like trying to decide which restaurant to eat at and your best friend tells you their preference. Good reviews instill confidence in potential customers and clients.

Depending on the review site, you may want to encourage your customers to write a review. Some businesses have their Facebook page listed on their website or a link to a review website like Yelp, which allows customers to easily write a review for others to see. This is especially useful if you have a customer that had an exceptional experience with you.

Instead of saying it out right, “please go review our business,” just make sure that there is a sign in your office or on your webpage so that it is a reminder for them. You obviously want as many positive, and genuine, reviews as possible.

So what do you do if you get a host of bad reviews? Maybe you have just taken over a business that has had lots of bad reviews in the past, how to you turn that around, especially if those views are online for everyone to see?

The answer……. reputation management! Rather than try to explain, watch this short video.