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dominate-your-local-marketI wanted to post this for a couple of reasons, firstly because it is going to be a case study of myself helping a local business to get more customers through developing their social media campaigns and referral system, and secondly because I wanted to give them some exposure due to them helping me out of a difficult situation.

I live about 25 miles from my parents, who are getting older, almost in their 90’s, and they are starting to struggle and need some support. I tried to visit every day but with kids and work it was almost impossible. This home care service is able to send a trained carer to their home 4 times per day to help them with their needs. It has been a tremendous help.

In turn, I intent to help them get more business, and post their info here in the hope that this gets them more exposure too.

Why Home Care Remains the Best care Option

Home care or domiciliary care is the help given to people who can longer attend to their own needs. Vulnerable adults, including the young and elderly, can all benefit a lot from our home care. Whether it’s those with failing health resulting from sickness or changing conditions in one’s lifestyle, we have the staff and resources to take good care of them all.  Mostly, our services are offered at your home so as to ensure you or your loved one is attended to well while still engaged in the activities of daily living.

Types of services offered:

  • Personal care
  • Living in care
  • Holiday/Respite care
  • Social companionship
  • Hospital to home care


Offering home care to those in need of it is a choice that not only influences the person involved but also helps you or their loved ones to minimize the costs involved in private home care.

Some of the benefits associated with our home care service include:

Home comforts

When care is offered to a person at their home, it will help them to keep the comforts of their home and also develop a safely recognized environment. Remember, hospitals and a range of other care services can often be noisy, busy and uncomfortable for such a patient. If not diminishing the amount of rest they deserve, they will probably be slowing down the healing process.

Personalised services

With home care, what you pay for is exactly what you receive. Nothing less. You will be assigned a caregiver who will only attend to you and your utmost needs. Better still, all our home care staff are specifically trained, matched and designated to your needs. All of them clearly understand what you need most and are ready to offer it.


A significant aspect of our home care service is the level of independence the patient gets.  Failure to move around or go about other daily activities is one of the major causes of depression today, mostly among the elderly. However, with one of our qualified staff at their service, the patient will be free to go about and thus feel independent which will eventually reduce the risk of depression plus the costs of managing it.


Compared to hospitals and private nursing institutions, home care stands out as very cost effective. In fact, you have access to so many things, including additional support which you still pay for at an affordable rate.  That puts you in a position to create a more satisfying environment and atmosphere as you can put the additional funds to such use.


If there is anything valuable a vulnerable person needs then it’s companionship.  Aside from the usual help, they will offer to the patient, our home care staff will become friends with the patient and in the process make them feel not only happy but so contented with themselves. When someone has somebody exciting to talk to, they will, almost daily, look forward to speaking to them.

Always remember that offering your loved with home care will provide the peace of mind they deserve, save you money and above all, have them receive quality care offered in the safest and friendly environment.  You will have saved the patient from stress, depression and a range of other awful diseases.  Where the lives of the vulnerable concerned, we take pride in knowing that our home care is of immeasurable value to them.

Hopefully this article will help them to get more business, help anyone in the same situation as me, and to give me a case study to work on. Let me know your thoughts and ideas through the contact page.

Also check out some of the ideas in this video below…..


Are you using instagram yet?

If the answer is no, then I will be honest with you, neither am I! But the people that I follow who are big in marketing are all starting to add it to their arsenal, so I think it is time to dip my toe.

Maybe we can all try it and compare notes. There is a ton of information out there, check youtube for ways to get started, and there is training available from some respected gurus.

I thought I would post the infographic below to get you all thinking. And I will keep you posted on my results.


How to Write a Meaningful Review

How to Write a Meaningful Review

So you just had a great experience at the new restaurant down the street and you want to tell others about it. Great, now what? You know what you want to emphasize, service and food were both exceptional, but how do you word it so that it is both informative and engaging?

Know who you are talking to. This is kind of hard to do, since most people between the ages of 8 and 80 know how to use a search engine. Consider where you went and who would most likely be the people who would enjoy it the most. Was it family friendly or more of a date night restaurant?

Next, remember to think about what you are going to say before typing it out, and then review it before publishing. You want your review to be relevant, so try to leave out any personal stories, unless they are short and include information that will help others out.

Also avoid making it personal in respect to the business you are reviewing. Far too often reviews turn into a vindictive review of a rude server or chatty sales personnel. It is fine to mention such things, but calling someone specific out in an online review is both irrelevant and lacking etiquette. Stick to the actual event or experience.

Keep in mind that just because a review is about a positive experience does not necessarily mean that it is a good review. You could probably write a short novel on the good service received while getting your nails done, but that does not mean it is going to be useful to either the salon or future salon goers. Be honest, intelligent, and coherent, even if it is just a short, three sentenced review about your experience pretend that thousands of people will read it, since they just might.

Allow others to comment on your review. Now if you are using a review site, like TripAdvisor, they probably already have something like a “Useful Vote” button that people can click if they find your view particularly helpful. Sometimes when you establish a reviewer’s account, you may need to make sure your preferences are open to contact from others, like linking your account to your email address so people can email you their questions directly. An example may be that you went on a date night to a local bar and someone might want to ask if the crowd was of younger people or older.

Try to remember to review other services too, such as local contractors and tradespeople, delivery services, dry cleaners, nursing staff, any business that gives good service deserves to be recognized, and the opposing argument is true also.

If you have had the benefit of good or the misfortune of bad service, let us know. We would love to hear from you.

power of a good review infographic

How To Use Online Reviews for Building Local Business

Getting good online reviews is essential for building a local business these days. Since online reviews of your business can make all the difference between making your business a success or failure, it is useful for any local business owner to gain some more information on how to use online reviews to your advantage when building or managing a local business.


The importance of online reviews

The reason why reviews are so important is the fact that they stand out in search results on sites such as Google and they can help attract more people to your business. The star rating is not exclusive for only restaurants and hotels, as majority of people may think. Good online rating is also extremely useful for small businesses to help them grow, spread and increase their development, since some people may choose to view only highly rated sites through some sites like Yelp or Google which allow users to sort the listings by reviews.

About Google Reviews

Good reviews on Google maps, Google + Local will attract more customers to your business. Posting a review has never been easier; however, it does demand that one has a Google Account, so you may think of alternative ways for your customers to leave online reviews for you in case they do not have a Google Account.

Business concept - Planning for future events.

Get their opinions – or not?

Another thing which may puzzle the local business owner is whether it is ok or not to ask customers for an online review. This ultimately depends on the site, since some sites may encourage soliciting online reviews and others discourage such practice. Yelp, for example, believes that soliciting reviews will only jeopardize the integrity of the site, as reviewers will see it as biased, whereas Google reminds business owners to remind customers to leave a quick and easy feedback on Google.

Best Site For You

Identifying the best review sites for your business and your industry is not an easy task, since there are many review sites. Also, before referring customers to any of the sites, you should create profiles on it, and update them with information about your small business. This will also give you a means to communicating with your clients and responding to reviews both good and bad.



Remember that reviews will build on over time and that it is only natural that it takes time to get reviews, so do not be impatient. This is only a part of managing a business, so while it is important for you and your small business to get a good online review, it is even more important for you to manage your business properly and take care of your customers and their needs. Ultimately, that will at the same time be the best thing you can do for your business success and your online reviews – having satisfied customers who will back you up in the real world as well in the virtual one. Ensuring your customers are happy will get you the greatest amount of positive reviews.

What a Good or Bad Review Can Mean for a Business

What a Good or Bad Review Can Mean for a Business

A review can have both positive and negative connotations and it is not always determined by whether the review itself shed the business in a positive or negative light. The review can, and chances are high that it will, be viewed by both potential customers and the business itself. Both good and bad reviews can help a business know what they are doing well and what needs to be improved upon.

Good reviews can be affirmation that your business is doing something right. Hopefully the review offers some good information for someone considering visiting soon. Bad reviews can show your business where it needs to improve. Not every bad review is genuinely bad, but take it as more of a suggestion. If several people commented on how great the service was, but a particular dish was a bit salty, consider cutting back on the salt for that dish.

Unfortunately, some people use reviews as a way to express displeasure and can often target an individual. It is up to you how to handle such a case. You can request the person or website, especially if it is the business’s, take down the review or delete the person’s name. Some review sites like Yelp have had problems with fake reviews and positive reviews going missing, so feel free to let your voice be heard and file a complaint with any website you feel isn’t doing their job adequately, or that you are having issues with.

Another option is to pacify the person who wrote the review. Maybe the service was really slow on a Friday night. Feel free to respond to the review and let them know that you were short a cook that night and the restaurant was very busy, but they should come back soon and see that that is not always the cagoogle + review logose.

Although the rule of thumb may seem like your business wants nothing but good reviews, any review is going to get your business noticed more! Surveys have shown that significantly more than half of all consumers trust online reviews and they check them before trying out a new business, approximately 11 reviews!

Product reviews are the same, so if you are selling an item, make sure your customers are aware that they should review not only the business as a whole, but the specific product they are using.

It has also recently been suggested that only having good reviews looks unnatural to the consumer, so a sprinkling of less than perfect comments not only makes it seem more realistic, but also has a very limited negative effect on the consumers choice.

Your business should actively try to garner reviews from customers, and you should have a program in place to that effect. Let it be a part of your business process, and work towards collecting as many good reviews as you can. In recent years a good Google + review can be extremely helpful in bringing in more business, as well as helping your business ranking in the google maps area of the search engines.

Yelp is also an extremely important online service, and good reviews here can make or break a business. See more about this in the video below.