How To Use Online Reviews for Building Local Business

Getting good online reviews is essential for building a local business these days. Since online reviews of your business can make all the difference between making your business a success or failure, it is useful for any local business owner to gain some more information on how to use online reviews to your advantage when building or managing a local business.


The importance of online reviews

The reason why reviews are so important is the fact that they stand out in search results on sites such as Google and they can help attract more people to your business. The star rating is not exclusive for only restaurants and hotels, as majority of people may think. Good online rating is also extremely useful for small businesses to help them grow, spread and increase their development, since some people may choose to view only highly rated sites through some sites like Yelp or Google which allow users to sort the listings by reviews.

About Google Reviews

Good reviews on Google maps, Google + Local will attract more customers to your business. Posting a review has never been easier; however, it does demand that one has a Google Account, so you may think of alternative ways for your customers to leave online reviews for you in case they do not have a Google Account.

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Get their opinions – or not?

Another thing which may puzzle the local business owner is whether it is ok or not to ask customers for an online review. This ultimately depends on the site, since some sites may encourage soliciting online reviews and others discourage such practice. Yelp, for example, believes that soliciting reviews will only jeopardize the integrity of the site, as reviewers will see it as biased, whereas Google reminds business owners to remind customers to leave a quick and easy feedback on Google.

Best Site For You

Identifying the best review sites for your business and your industry is not an easy task, since there are many review sites. Also, before referring customers to any of the sites, you should create profiles on it, and update them with information about your small business. This will also give you a means to communicating with your clients and responding to reviews both good and bad.



Remember that reviews will build on over time and that it is only natural that it takes time to get reviews, so do not be impatient. This is only a part of managing a business, so while it is important for you and your small business to get a good online review, it is even more important for you to manage your business properly and take care of your customers and their needs. Ultimately, that will at the same time be the best thing you can do for your business success and your online reviews – having satisfied customers who will back you up in the real world as well in the virtual one. Ensuring your customers are happy will get you the greatest amount of positive reviews.