What a Good or Bad Review Can Mean for a Business

What a Good or Bad Review Can Mean for a Business

A review can have both positive and negative connotations and it is not always determined by whether the review itself shed the business in a positive or negative light. The review can, and chances are high that it will, be viewed by both potential customers and the business itself. Both good and bad reviews can help a business know what they are doing well and what needs to be improved upon.

Good reviews can be affirmation that your business is doing something right. Hopefully the review offers some good information for someone considering visiting soon. Bad reviews can show your business where it needs to improve. Not every bad review is genuinely bad, but take it as more of a suggestion. If several people commented on how great the service was, but a particular dish was a bit salty, consider cutting back on the salt for that dish.

Unfortunately, some people use reviews as a way to express displeasure and can often target an individual. It is up to you how to handle such a case. You can request the person or website, especially if it is the business’s, take down the review or delete the person’s name. Some review sites like Yelp have had problems with fake reviews and positive reviews going missing, so feel free to let your voice be heard and file a complaint with any website you feel isn’t doing their job adequately, or that you are having issues with.

Another option is to pacify the person who wrote the review. Maybe the service was really slow on a Friday night. Feel free to respond to the review and let them know that you were short a cook that night and the restaurant was very busy, but they should come back soon and see that that is not always the cagoogle + review logose.

Although the rule of thumb may seem like your business wants nothing but good reviews, any review is going to get your business noticed more! Surveys have shown that significantly more than half of all consumers trust online reviews and they check them before trying out a new business, approximately 11 reviews!

Product reviews are the same, so if you are selling an item, make sure your customers are aware that they should review not only the business as a whole, but the specific product they are using.

It has also recently been suggested that only having good reviews looks unnatural to the consumer, so a sprinkling of less than perfect comments not only makes it seem more realistic, but also has a very limited negative effect on the consumers choice.

Your business should actively try to garner reviews from customers, and you should have a program in place to that effect. Let it be a part of your business process, and work towards collecting as many good reviews as you can. In recent years a good Google + review can be extremely helpful in bringing in more business, as well as helping your business ranking in the google maps area of the search engines.

Yelp is also an extremely important online service, and good reviews here can make or break a business. See more about this in the video below.